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Kiade Chris Craft Cobra 1:8 (82 cm) – R Cobra 82

This model of CHRIS CRAFT COBRA is made with fine woods and  with fitting parts ( chrome brass) built by our jewelers. Real upholstery.

In order to obtain a perfectly smooth hull and deck, 10 layers of varnish are applied, intersected with increasingly fine stages of sanding. The final phase consists in applying several layers of gloss varnish to produce a ” mirror effect ” characteristic of these boats.

This is an exceptional Chris Craft model with its exclusive licence.

Secure packaging for shipping.


Availability: on request

Ref.: R COBRA 82
Dimension: 82 CM
Scale: 1:8
Handmade in France

History of this model:

1955, dimension : 6.32m

In 1955, Chris Craft saw how the new “sports cars” from Detroit were taking the world by storm. People wanted to have fun, and look good doing it. The sporting life style was in. Chris Craft’s response? The incredible, ground breaking Cobra speedboat- a sports car for the water.
Using new construction techniques such as the fiberglass engine hatch and stunning rear “fin”, the result was one of the best looking boats ever produced to this day. A single cockpit, long deck, raked windshield, and many other sporty features still make a Cobra the boat everybody stops dead in their tracks to see.
Hugely expensive when new, the Cobra was only built for one year. Just 105 were ever produced, 49 18′ versions and 56 21′ versions. The 21′ is the most desired example as the proportions and stability in the water are that much better than an 18


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