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RICHARD ORLINSKI WILD KONG 24 Kt GOLD LEAF 110 x 84 x 46 CM (created 2012)

It was in 2004 that Richard Orlinski decided to devote himself fully to art . Impregnated with pop-culture, the artist creates a colorful universe inspired by the wildest animals and iconic objects that have marked their generation.

Animated by the desire to democratize art by making it accessible to the greatest number, Richard Orlinski is an enthusiast who has overcome many obstacles, surpassing himself to constantly reinvent himself. His desire to popularize art is also reflected in the desire to arouse an immediate emotion, in young and old alike. Far from the diktats of the contemporary art world, the works of the artist shout for him!

In love with the art in all its forms, the sculptor dynamite the received ideas and does not hesitate to decompartmentalize the forms of artistic expressions . With a global and universal vision, he likes to explore different fields: sculpture, design, music, live shows …

Represented by more than 90 galleries in France and abroad, Richard Orlinski is, since 2015, the contemporary artist French best-selling in the world (Source: Art Price).


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110 x 84 x 46 CM
Created in 2012
24 Kt gold leaf – resin
8 copies
Signed by Richard Orlinski



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