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Sknife Swiss pocket Damascus knife

The shapely Swiss pocketknife damascus is exactly the right thing for knife collectors. In addition, the pocketknife damascus is easy to open thanks to the worldwide unique high-tech ceramic bearing.


As “steak knife to go”, the pocketknife damascus is ideal for gourmets to cut with the own knife on the way. A special feature of the pocketknife damascus is that not only the razor-sharp blade consists of stainless torsion damask, but also the back of the knife – in total 800 layers of damask (including the back). The simple elegance is completed by handle shells made of stabilised, black coloured ash wood.


Availability: on request


The high-quality Swiss pocket knife made of watch and surgical steel. The swiss pocket knife  has a novel opening mechanism; thanks to the worldwide unique slide bearing made of high-tech ceramics and the precision manufacturing of surgical steel and watch steel components, it can be opened very easily. The sknife pocket knife: a high-quality Swiss product with high simplicity, beautiful feel and highest precision. The “steak knife to go” is available in surgical and damask steel (Damasteel) (damask version: blade & knife back in damask steel, 800 layers).


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