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L’Epee 1839 Vanitas clock – 50.6001/200

The watchmaker Fiona Krueger and the manufacture l’Epee 1839 collaborated to create the Vanitas clock which has a 35-day power reserve.

The Skull is the ultimate symbol of life, death and human experience – as such it has played a key role in both Horological History and Art History. Through Fiona Krüger’s artistic approach to Haute Horlogerie and L’Epée’s know-how, the Skull has been re-interpreted into a mechanical Vanitas painting for the 21st Century.

Vanitas is engineered and crafted by L’Epée 1839, Switzerland’s specialised high-end clock manufacturer, founded in 1839. This charismatic cranium reminds you to celebrate life. The hours and minutes are shown by the clock’s hands, and a power reserve indicator is integrated into the mouth of the skull. As Vanitas loses power it starts to yawn, indicating it needs to be wound up. Though with a 40-day power-reserve, this monthly ritual will give you a moment to stop and take stock of the time you have.

The ideas of life, time and mortality are synonymous and even more relevant in mechanical clock-making today than they have ever been. The unique design of the Skull imitating yawning as the power reserve depletes, joined with the ability to bring the clock to life as its wound up, reflects the history of clock making where fantasy, creativity and purpose were all incorporated in equal measure to create designs which made people dream.

Vanitas is limited to 50 pieces per configuration and is now available in ‘dark’ and in a colourful edition.


Availability: on request

Color :
Limited edition :
50 pieces in each configuration
Movement :
Cal. 2010 FK
Functions :
Hours and minutes : two hands which are centrally mounted on the nose
Power reserve indicator : framed by two rows of teeth opens up as time passes, providing an intuitive view of remaining energy.
Power Reserve :
35 days
Finishing :
Movement Main plates in black PVD coated brass. Multi-layered screenprinted white decoration (gloss ink).
Jewels :
Dimensions :
Height: 306 mm
Width:  220 mm
Thickness : 86 mm
Materials :
Mechanism in palladium-coated brass. Movement Main plate in brass black PVD coating.
Winding :
Manual-winding on the skull face: Double-ended key to set time and wind movement


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