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Ixoost Pirelli P Zero yellow sound

This hi-fi system, which uses the most advanced 4.0 Aptx technology, is installed inside a real replica of a Wind Tunnel Tyre, a tyre built to a reduced scale that has been produced by Pirelli for the F1™ teams, who use them for wind tunnel tests. “The biggest challenge for IXOOST was to adapt ourselves to an object that already has a very specific function”, explains Giovanni Panini. “We carried out various experiments before we figured out how to get the best sound quality, while still leaving the original form of the object in tact”. This is how PIRELLI P ZERO™ sound, a design object available in nine different racing tyre colours, with a sound system that has a powerful, built-in 100 w Dsp amplifier and a 100 mm midwoofer came about. The small artisanal workshops, where skilled craftsmen passionately carried out every stage of the product’s development, has provided a masterpiece of art, design and technology.

Original price was: $4,033.00.Current price is: $3,810.00.

Availability: on request


1:2 scale model tire produced for F1 Teams wind tunnel testing
6.5 inches aluminum rim, scaled replica of F1 rims
1 x silk tweeter D 25 mm.
1 x midwoofer D 100 mm.
Wireless Active Surround Sound System 
Power: 100W 
Dimension: 330 mm x190 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg

Several colors available


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