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Rispal Paris Double Boomerang ceiling lamp

The Double boomerang is a famous reissue of Rispal Paris. It is an iconic piece much sought after by connoisseurs

The 50’s served as a turning point in the history of interior and furniture design.  Design broke from the Elite world and became popular.  Artistic genres blended together in a desire to live in harmony with the time period.
Influential works originated then from Scandinavia, England, or Italy when model #11.400 first launched in 1951. It is quickly called the “boomerang” suspension because of its two distinctive wooden pieces recalling the shape of a boomerang.


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Material: Wood, Opal-glass, Steel
Weight: net 5 kg
Dimensions 750mm X 580mm
Ajustable height: 1 to 2 M, opal glass 130 x 130 x 170 mm
Led 4X5 W G9
handcrafted product made in France


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