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L’Epee 1839 Full space module – 19.6010/020

The manufacture L’Epee 1839 and its craftsmen have created a small meteorological station in the shape of a lunar module. Its black and gold colors give this module a special place on your desk or in your living room.
Handmade in Switzerland

The year 2019 marks a milestone in the history of space exploration: it is 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 expedition that brought about Man’s first steps on the moon. It is also a landmark year for L’Epée 1839, which is celebrating the 180th anniversary of its watchmaking art manufacture. So, at Baselworld 2019, the brand is presenting Space Module, a Swiss-made weather instrument whose design is inspired by the first lunar modules from the 1960s.

This is not L’Epée 1839’s first venture into space: Starfleet Machine and Destination Moon have already taken us far beyond our planet.

The barometer—an essential indicator of good or bad weather—measures atmospheric pressure. Meanwhile the hygrometer measures the percentage of humidity in the air. Lastly, the thermometer indicates the temperature of the environment. The three mechanical and modular instruments are placed one on top of the other on a stable base adorned with finishes and decoration inspired by the tools used for space exploration.

This mechanical weather station device was created by Martin Bolo, a promising young designer. He drew his inspiration from the tiered structure of lunar modules and the unmistakable shape of cylinder landing gear.

Space Module weighs 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs). Its diameter of 25 cm/9.8 in and height of 21 cm/8.3 in (for the most complete version) give it a balanced stature that enables it to go almost anywhere.

Space Module is a limited edition of 50 pieces, available in gilded and silver-colored versions.


Availability: on request


Color :Black and gold

Limited edition :50 pieces per color

Movement :Mechanical Barometer, Thermometer & Hygrometer

Functions :

Mesure of Temperature

Mesure of Hygrometry

Mesure of Atmospheric Pressure

Finishing :

Base in laser-engraved anodized aluminum

Black anodized aluminum leg

Diamond-polished brass foot [Palladium or Gold]

Multiple decorative imitation scientific instruments :

Three propulsion engines: stainless steel nozzles

Satellite dish


“L’EPEE 1839” flag in black PVD

Dimensions :

Dimensions : Ø257 x 221 mm

Weight : 3.8 kgs

Materials :



Blown Glass



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